Change Capability

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What is Change Capability?

By helping prioritise the projects with the greatest impact on your strategic objectives, and by building capability in your existing teams, we support you to create the right culture and environment to deliver innovative, lasting change.

Change Capability at Clarity is led by:
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Project, Programme & Portfolio Management

Portfolio optimisation

We can support you to prioritise your projects and programmes, align resources and establish effective governance, to ensure successful delivery of your strategy.

Project & programme delivery

We can develop, support and lead successful delivery of your most complex projects and programmes at every scale.

Building delivery capability

We can review your organisation's current level of project and programme management capability and support you to build the skills, tools and approaches needed to deliver successful change.

& Stakeholder Engagement

We develop, support and run communication solutions at every level of the system, from embedding communication strategies into complex development programmes, to working with clinicians and the public on engagement for major service changes.

We can develop, support and run end to end stakeholder engagements for concept development, user requirement identification, and change programmes.

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Business Case Development

We have a team of accredited, business case experts with extensive experience in writing cases for both capital and revenue schemes. From small projects to multi-million pound schemes such as the New Hospital Programme, we produce successful cases that comply with HMT guidance.

The breadth of capability in the Clarity team means that we develop all sections of the business case in-house, including the clinical (where relevant), financial and economic chapters. This ensures consistency of themes and messages, and a compelling and coherent argument for the investment.

Bid Development

At Clarity we can also support you to win work, communicate your offer, build your document suite and processes for governance and operations, illustrate patient impact, draft merger documents, or visualise your data and operating model.

Our expert team take your thoughts and draft them for your intended audience whether that be a procurement team, system partners, regulators or others.

Combined with our strategic thinking, insight to health care priorities and requirements and project management we can be the business development partner you need to support you to refine and capture your offer for tender responses and proposals.

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What Do You Need to Change?

Get in touch with Liane Langdon to learn how we can support your change objectives.

Images of clocks faces to signify change over time

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