Quality & Performance Improvement

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What is Quality & Performance Improvement?

Modern health systems refer to a quintuple aim of improving population health; enhancing patient experience; reducing costs; workforce well-being and improving health equity.

Developing services in ways that address these five aims is at the heart of Clarity’s work. Whilst our value improvement services focus on cost reduction, our quality and performance improvement services concentrate on the remaining four.

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How we work in this area varies by project and is framed around the needs of our clients. Examples include:

Facilitating events to enable organisations to agree a clear vision and develop a clear view of their common, end goal
Reviews of specific clinical areas to assess ‘what works’ and where improvements can be made
Creating practical plans for implementing change to guide the teams responsible
Quality & Performance Improvement at Clarity is led by:

Deliver Health Improvement

Get in touch with Karen Smith to learn how we can support your health improvement goals.

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