Clarity Insights

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What is Clarity Insights?

We have years of experience delivering practical data driven solutions for healthcare services. We specialise in understanding the data you already have and how to make it work for you.

Clarity Insights is led by:
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Actionable Intelligence

Our Clarity Insights team will support and train  your staff to develop the right dashboard, reporting or analysis required to meet your performance, operational or financial requirements.

Our tool will enable your system to analyse and model a range of different scenarios to support day-to-day and future planning.

  • Bespoke dashboards and reporting based on your needs. Built using relevant and available datasets from your local health and care system.
  • Flexibly designed to accommodate any future changes to your healthcare system.
  • Easy and tabular data input. Where data is not available, this will not limit the tools capabilities, it will adjust to what is available in an agile way.
  • Adaptable functionality to look at datasets in individual reports, enabling new modules to be easily added during future phases.

Information Designed for
Today & Tomorrow

Our Tailored Approach

We'll work with you and your team to design bespoke data architecture, tailoring our approach to your system's service configurations and changing patterns of demand.

Your Current Requirements

You can't neglect the current day to day demands whilst you  concentrate on building a bright new future. We will work with you to meet your current operational needs.

Your Future Requirements

In the fast paced health and care sectors nobody knows what is around the corner. We specialise in future proofing your data architecture so that it continues to support your ever evolving requirements.

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Diagram of a series of linked datasets

Linked Datasets

We link healthcare datasets to enable better understanding and demand & capacity planning of enablers.

Our Approach

  • Segmenting by clinical conditions to forecast the change in demand.
  • Review of current data sources and how they are currently joined before reaching your data warehouse.
  • Using an approach which is agile enough for any variation to be captured and reported on.
  • To capture sustainable information so that health organisations can make their most important decisions in a reliable and timely fashion.

Build Actionable Intelligence

Get in touch with Alex Thomas to learn how we can support your data insights goals.

Lightbulb resting on a printed data report

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