Value Improvement

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What is Value Improvement?

All healthcare systems are under pressure to perform and deliver in increasingly challenging environments. The population is aging; the workforce is constrained and stressed; there is public demand for innovative new therapies and a need to invest in new or renewed facilities, services and equipment.

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System leaders need to balance multiple and sometimes competing objectives.  Modern health systems refer to a quintuple aim of:

  • improving population health
  • enhancing patient experience
  • reducing costs
  • workforce well-being
  • improving health equity

We work with senior teams and leaders to find the right balance of these five aims and develop programmes for whole health systems which improve value to all stakeholders.

We work with you to define measurable, tangible benefits. Our pricing model means that we can support you through the whole change journey.

  • We work closely with you to understand your needs and to clearly define the problem.
  • We draw out data from across entire health and care systems, supporting you to make demonstrable progress against measurable improvement plans within weeks.
  • Our solutions are often drawn from direct experience of delivering successful change in other health and care systems.
  • We live for implementation. This is where the Clarity team shine. We work closely with clients to guide implementation of the solutions.
  • We close every project with a comprehensive handover, ensuring you have the knowledge and skills to monitor progress and tweak the solutions we've developed together.
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Value Improvement at Clarity is led by:

Balance Your Objectives

Contact Andrew Moore to learn how we can support your value improvement objectives.

9 building blocks in a 3x3 grid with a quality logo emblazoned upon them

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