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Hampshire & Isle of Wight ICB
Over six months, our interim resource supported the stand-up of system-wide planning and reporting processes, co-development of a set of standard programme management tools, and direct mobilisation support to UEC transformation initiatives in preparation for Winter.


Following a stocktake of Transformation Programmes in the Hampshire and Isle of Wight system in early 2022, a set of key recommendations to improve programme delivery was agreed, and a monthly programme board and Portfolio Management Office (PMO) stood up. Pending appointment of a permanent PMO Manager, Clarity provided an interim to drive momentum through the early stages of PMO operation until the ICB were able to substantively fill the post.


The initial months of PMO operation required the team to fully support the Urgent & Emergency Care Transformation Programme to enable it to deliver change ahead of the onset of Winter 2022/23 and rising demand. This involved:

  • Working alongside multiple Transformation Programmes, place-based teams and other consultancies to embed effective working practices
  • Developing a Prioritisation Framework and running prioritisation sessions with all four Local Delivery System (LDS) teams within the programme, enabling the prioritisation of workstreams based on their relative scale of opportunity and complexity of delivery.
  • Running weekly reporting cycles and facilitating multiple weekly meetings

On conclusion of our work with the UEC programme, the PMO team, consisting of the Head of PMO and a Clarity Interim PMO Manager, proceeded to support and deliver:

  • Administration of the Transformation Programme Board, including agenda setting, paper collation and quality assurance, actions tracking and delivery.
  • The stand-up of a monthly Highlight and Exception reporting cycle from all Programmes to the Transformation Board from July 2022.
  • Programme Planning for the immediate future and longer term, over 1 to 5 years. The PMO team developed the planning template for programmes, and reviewed and provided feedback on draft plans, prompting and supporting discussions on how best to prioritise objectives.
  • Development of Standard Programme Management (PM) tools – the PMO engaged with all programme teams to understand their reporting requirements before setting up a Standardised Programme Management tools working group with representation from all programmes to agree requirements for, and feedback on, a suite of PM tools which would save programmes time on their existing reporting workloads and start to build a shared PM language across programmes and more widely across the ICS.
  • Planning a Community of Practice – Engagement has been undertaken with all available programmes and plans are in draft for the development of a Community of Practice, which will include training on agreed and requested subjects, while also providing a forum for sharing of best practice and for cross-programme problem solving.
  • Supporting recruitment process for appointment of a permanent PMO team. The Clarity PMO Manager drafted job descriptions and person specifications for all permanent PMO team roles.


  • All programmes now report their Highlights and Exceptions monthly to the Transformation Programme Board

  • A full suite of Standardised Programme Management Tools has been signed off by the Working Group for use by ICS Programme teams and will be uploaded to a shared space for use by ICS-wide teams in January2023. This includes a PID, Programme Plan and auto-populating GANTT chart, Risks, Issues and Dependencies Logs, Actions and Decisions trackers, a Highlight & Exceptions report, Performance and KPIs Planning and Monitoring, and a Resource Log.

  • A permanent PMO team has been successfully appointed and commences operation from January2023



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