New Beginnings

I am delighted to be joining Clarity Consulting alongside existing partners Mark Smith and Andrew Moore.

As a Clarity Associate since the start of the company in 2015, I have watched them grow under Mark and Andrew’s stewardship from a start-up into a thriving business that now employs more than 15 full-time staff and has a network of 100+ skilled associates.

After four successful years working on some fascinating assignments through Sly Consulting, the potential of joining a larger expert team with the ability to tackle even more complex work was a big attraction. Especially given the increasingly challenging situations that our NHS clients now face.

Between the three partners we have over 70 years’ NHS experience, covering both commissioning and provider organisations, and a vast range of skills through nursing, quality improvement, finance, turnaround, and strategic leadership.

We are passionate about delivering consultancy the “right way” that leaves a legacy for the organisations and people we work with. Through the right blend of experienced partners, directors, well-trained consultants and associates with real life NHS expertise we can deliver sustainable service improvement at a competitive cost.

We keep our overheads low by working from home or at client sites, making for an attractive proposition to new talent, and perfectly suited to the growing ‘gig’ economy!


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