Introducing: Nana Baffoe

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Curtis Batterbee

What I do... Managing Consultant at Clarity Associates Consulting.

If I wasn’t working for Clarity… I would be working for a charitable cause dedicated to young people.

The soundtrack to my life is… Turn the World Around by Harry Belafonte (Featuring the Muppets). The song encourages the listener to accept the world as it is but also reminds them that they have the power to change it.

My proudest work achievement… Launching a publication at the House of Commons in my first week in a previous role.

One of my most memorable moments… Meeting the Queen at school and shaking her hand whilst remembering to curtsey at the same time!

The three things I would take to a desert island…lemons, a blanket and phone to connect with family and friends (Now how to recharge my phone may be an issue!)

My favourite book…Rise Sister Rise: A Guide to Unleashing the Wise, Wild Woman Within.

My favourite movies… Up and The Help.

If I was a superhero my superpower would be …To travel back in time in order to revisit enjoyable moments.

My favourite joke … What did Mr Santa Claus say to his wife whilst they took a brisk walk: “Looks like Rain Dear”.

If I could ask the British public one question it would be … Where do we go from here?

My party trick is… Magically changing into flat shoes after struggling in heels for 5 mins.

A valuable lesson that has been shared with me…In turbulent times, remain calm.

My strangest interest…A few, including studying the tube maps and discovering new roads-Just call me ‘The modern A-Z geek’.

Other facts about you…My full name is Nana Ama, which translates to ‘girl born on Saturday.’ My children and I were born in the same large acute trust where I went on to work in my early career - some might call it giving back!I am a big fan of coriander, I have it with everything!

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