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We are excited to introduce the latest edition of the "Clarity Digest," focusing on a crucial topic in healthcare today: Health Inequalities. This report dives deep into one of the four statutory duties of Integrated Care Systems and highlights the national priority of reducing health inequalities. The comprehensive insights are drawn from the Health Foundation's "Health Inequalities in 2040" report, one of the first major studies to explore the intricate links between diagnosed major and long-term illnesses and the deprivation experienced across different regions of the country.

Key Findings

The report presents stark projections for the future, indicating that by 2040, over 50% of people in the most deprived areas of England might be living with a major illness or have died by the age of 70, compared to less than 30% in the least deprived areas. This finding underscores a significant lack of progress in narrowing health disparities since 2019. The number of individuals living with major illnesses is expected to increase by 2.6 million, reaching 9.3 million by 2040, with those aged 70 and older making up the majority of this increase. Notably, the growth in major illnesses among working-age people is projected to be concentrated in more deprived areas, emphasising the urgent need for targeted interventions.


The report advocates for stronger policies to address key risk factors such as smoking, alcohol use, poor diet, and physical inactivity. Additionally, it highlights the necessity for a greater focus on the wider determinants of health, calling for coordinated efforts across various sectors to reduce health disparities, improve economic productivity, and alleviate the strain on healthcare services. Investment in primary care is also critical, especially for managing conditions like chronic pain, type 2 diabetes, and anxiety and depression, which are expected to see significant increases.

For more detailed insights and recommendations, we encourage you to delve into the full report. Explore the in-depth analysis and learn about the steps needed to address these pressing health challenges.

Read the full "Clarity Digest: Health Inequalities" report here.

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