7 Free COVID Courses for Healthcare Professionals (and Everyone Else)

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May 28, 2020
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Curtis Batterbee

In our ongoing efforts to stay updated on the development of the novel coronavirus, the emerging science behind it and how varying national responses across the globe have fared, we recently completed COVID-19: Tackling the Novel Coronavirus, a short course hosted by the Futurelearn platform.

Designed by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, it summarises how the virus emerged, was identified, how it spreads, and the WHO and public health measures taken globally in response. It has now been updated with the latest learnings, and started running again yesterday on the 25th May. You can join here.

Every course has a set start date but you can join and work through after it starts. Futurelearn are also hosting a number of additional courses on the virus which are all free to take, including:

COVID-19: Diagnostics and Testing

More specifically aimed at professionals involved in the testing and diagnosis of COVID-19, this course examines the different types of diagnostics and their role in the COVID-19 response, current recommendations and testing strategies, and how countries are establishing and scaling-up their testing operations.

Running time: 9 hours

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Managing COVID-19 in General Practice

From St George’s Hospitals and University of London, this course gives up to date advice to keep Primary Care practices running safely, including guidance on infection prevention and control, safe assessment of suspected cases, management of acutely unwell patients, management of patients with mild symptoms, advice on consultations and how to keep your practice running safely.

Running time: 4 hours

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COVID-19: Pandemics, Modelling, and Policy

From the Open University and UNESCO UNITWIN Complex System digital campus, this course explores the social, economic, and political factors in the spread of a global pandemic, examining how scientists try to forecast the spread and severity of epidemics, and what we can and can’t know.

Running time: 4 hours

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COVID-19: Effective Nursing in Times of Crisis

From Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, this course applies lessons learned in humanitarian and crisis settings to nursing in the pandemic. Suitable for any healthcare professionals working with COVID-19 patients, it details how to provide quality care with limited resources in times of crisis.

Running time: 4 hours

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COVID-19: Psychological Impact, Wellbeing and Mental Health

From Maudsley Learning, this course explores the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on wellbeing and mental health at an individual, group and societal level.

Running time: 6 hours

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COVID-19: Anxiety in Children and Young People during COVID-19

From the University of East Anglia, this course examines the impact of COVID-19 on mental health and anxiety, particularly in young people. It covers the importance of support, how to spot symptoms and guidance for parents.

Running time: 4 hours

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