Improvement of Corporate Governance Processes: Cornwall Care


Clarity was appointed to improve the reporting of quality of care information to the Board. This initial assignment exposed further gaps in corporate governance processes which Clarity was then re-commissioned to help address.


  • Initial rapid assessment of quality reporting leading to the development of quality assurance framework and establishment of a ‘Non-Executive Director led’ quality committee of the Board.

  • Identified gaps in corporate governance reporting structures resulting in the development of a Board Assurance Framework, Risk Registers, and risk appetite statements.

  • Reviewed the structure of the Company’s Boards and Committees drafting new terms of reverence and agreeing a Governance Manual.

  • Assessed Board performance and capability identifying development needs and succession planning.

  • Supported the establishment of a fully refreshed executive team led by a new Chief Executive. 

  • Supported the appointment of new Non-Executive Directors.


Improved governance structures, processes, and reporting leading to greater board oversight and assurance. A more strategic and cohesive Board led by a new Chief Executive and refreshed Non-Executive and Executive Directors.


During a very challenging time for the organisation, Chris provided professional guidance, organisational memory and sensible chalet and counsel to the whole board. He managed to combine objectivity with a real passion and commitment to the organisation. He was flexible in his approach and an integral part of the executive team. Sadly, the result of him doing a good job is that we are now able to manage without him.

Anne Thomas - Chief Executive, Cornwall Care