National QIPP Programme: NHS England


  • NHSE set up the National QIPP Support Programme with the aim of supporting challenged CCGs to hit their QIPP targets, and to reduce their gaps in unidentified QIPP.

  • SCW CSU led a National PMO, supported by Clarity.

  • Over two years and four phases of the programme, Clarity assembled a multi-disciplinary team around SCW colleagues, comprising programme directors, regional heads of PMO, reporting and analytics.


  • ​We established and co-ordinated weekly and monthly financial reporting for all regions and suppliers, and collated materials for monthly Steering Group meetings.

  • This supported us in identifying the success of the programme and securing sponsorship for two additional phases, which we designed in collaboration with NHSE.

  • The PMO developed a National QIPP Dashboard for regional DoFs and programme sponsors, increasing visibility on performance at a national, regional and CCG-level. Clarity supplied direct support in the north, building relationships with the DoF, DCO DoFs and supplier leads, enabling a tighter grip on the region, and a more progressive approach to support.


  • ROI: £35m (Phase 2).
    Phases 1 and 3 acted as planning and assurance phases, respectively. Phase 4 impact pending confirmation.


  • Designed and maintained a national performance dashboard for the exclusive use of regional DoFs and programme sponsorship.

  • CCGs receiving support reduced their unidentified QIPP at twice the rate of those not supported by the programme.

  • Total budget: £8.9m.

  • No. of CCGs supported:

  • Phase 1 – 54

  • Phase 2 – 65

  • Phase 3 – 116

  • Phase 4 – 95