What We Do

We provide health and care consultancy that supports you in improving the quality, performance, and cost-effectiveness of your services.


Our seasoned healthcare leaders can mentor you in effective system leadership, and guide you through major changes such as mergers and Integrated Care System (ICS) development.

Quality Improvement

We can improve your performance against the A&E 4-hour target, unlock patient flow, patient engagement and more. We’ll help you prioritise and prepare ahead of CQC inspection, using stranded patient reviews and patient feedback software to inform decisions.

Cost Improvement

Our senior members specialise in financial recovery, with extensive experience of control and turnaround on a system-wide scale.

We can also help you design deliverable QIPP, CIP and RightCare programmes with tangible results, and which open other avenues to ongoing improvements.

Performance Improvement

We design and run full programmes and projects, from planning through to completion, and can join you at any stage in the process to provide advice and delivery support. This includes everything from national programmes to corporate governance reviews, to bid writing services.

System Leadership
System Leadership

We can guide you through the process of Integrated Care System development and mergers. If you’re looking to develop your senior staff, we also provide board development guidance, executive coaching and mentoring.

Winter Preparation and Management

With over 15 years of Winter Management and A&E turnaround experience, we can guide you through the implementation of best practice processes and analytics, freeing up capacity for your teams to focus on supporting frontline services.

Draw on the Experience of 100+ Associates

Our vast associate network gives you access to 100+ specialists at the top of their respective fields, most with decades of experience. We staff all our projects flexibly between permanent Clarity employees and associates, allowing us to scale on demand, and to work in a way that’s fast, lean and agile.

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