Delivering Collaborative Stoma Services: South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw, and Kent and Medway STPs


A stoma is an opening to the skin made by a surgical procedure to allow the contents of the body to drain into a bag. Patients use of these appliances and associated products varies according to the location of the surgery and patient’s needs. Patients obtain their products via their GP using a prescription, which is dispensed by a community pharmacy or specialist appliance home delivery service (DACs).


In the UK it is estimated that there are 122,000 people living with a stoma at any one time. Every year there are approximately 24,500 new stomas formed, with an equal split between temporary and permanent. Stoma formation can have a significant impact on patients physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing. Most people will experience problems with their stoma at some point, such as skin irritation, blockage, leakage, difficulty attaching and removing stoma pouch and sore skin. Issues and complications can often be swiftly resolved when prompt advice is sought from a specially trained stoma professional. 


  • Clarity has amassed significant experience in improving stoma care, working across a number of healthcare systems, encouraging collaborations between commissioners, clinical and operational staff, to co-create options for service redesign and improvement. 

  • Within the systems we have worked with, the most effective stoma care services have been designed with a nurse-led prescribing service at its core, providing a responsive experience for patients needing products, advice, and support regarding their stoma.

  • Facilitated collaborative working across regions, designing services to be delivered At Scale.

  • Development of new models of care for ongoing stoma clinical and prescription management with associated service specification and workforce requirements. 

  • Business case and savings projections developed demonstrating a strong return on investment.


  • Patient’s quality of life: Delivering a regular reliable appliance service with specialist clinical will deliver a better quality of life and more independence to patients.

  • Financial savings: Driven from a reduction in overall spend on appliances and accessories, through robust, clinically-led management by clinical nurse specialists. 

  • Formulary control: Improved prescribing control achieved, through the establishment of consistent prescribing guidance and an accessory formulary to ensure items issued are cost-effective and quantities supplied in line with patients’ needs.

  • Reduction in complications: Interacting with patients monthly will deliver improved clinical care and will reduce the rates of stoma related complications. 

  • Improved Out of Hospital Care: More accessible community support for patients following discharge will avoid patients attending A&E.

  • Freeing up GP time: Having specialist stoma nurses managing prescriptions will add clinical value to the prescribing process, ensuring suitable quantities and products are prescribed, reducing primary care admin time for GPs. 


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