Clarity's Graduate Scheme

We have an excellent graduate scheme here at Clarity, and we are always on the look-out for strong candidates for our scheme. By working with universities and identifying students in their second or third year, we can build a strong relationship with individuals, understand how they tick and support them through what can be a challenging time.

We can mentor students through their placement year and through the building of a personal relationship and agreeing a synergy of ambition and expectation, recruit them into a part-time role for their final year. The opportunity of paid role with relevant work experience with an employer that offers a flexible work pattern, to accommodate the pressure through exams and dissertation delivery in their final terms, has proved very attractive to our students and to us as a responsible employer.

After a well-earned holiday, we encourage our graduates to join us for a year to consolidate their experience across a wide range of projects and corporate tasks giving them a well-rounded portfolio for future development. This mixture of coaching and supporting whilst developing skills and making the individual eminently more marketable for the future seems to be reaping benefits for both student and employer.

If you are currently a student and are a self-motivated, passionate and hardworking individual passionate about healthcare transformation or project management get in touch via our website:


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