Confirm & Challenge Diagnostic

George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust


  • Following a request by George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust (GEH), for assistance in the transformation of patient flow as a result of recent challenges and unprecedented demand, Clarity undertook two full day diagnostic visits.

  • The visits aimed to provide an in-depth understanding of the patient journey, explore options to improve patient pathways, and enhance the quality of care and patient experience.

Clarity Approach

  • During the visit we emphasised the importance of optimising all stages of the patient journey from ‘home to home’.

  • We assessed the performance of patient flow processes across the hospital, then drafted and presented a summary report containing observations on streaming and all units.

  • This concluded with five key priority areas of high impact to improve system resilience.


  • We developed a five-point action plan for improvement, including reviews of bed management processes, stranded patients, and front-door triage.

  • The normalisation of existing processes was identified as an underlying factor that hindered the instigation of change.

Clarity Services Involved

Patient flow diagnostic

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