Cemplicity is the world leader in patient reporting software. Their platform offers the most innovative and comprehensive patient reporting in the world, to transform how the health industry captures, understands and actions patient feedback. Together, we work with you to harness unprecedented insight from patient reported measures to deliver transformational  improvement, creating and embedding innovation, unlocking flow and creating digital, cultural and process infrastructure that enables individuals and systems to perform at their full potential. 

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BestOutcome is a leading provider of PMO software, PM3, to the NHS. PM3 is intuitive, simple to operate and has been used in the NHS since 2008. Over 20 NHS organisations use this software to manage QIPPs, CIPS and transformational projects. 


Uniquely, PM3 links savings plans to milestones so that these plans are flagged ‘at risk’ if milestones are delayed. The software also has a CIP uploader that automatically uploads savings from Excel into schemes in PM3. 

PM3 holds ‘one version of the truth’ so that problem projects can be identified quickly and early intervention can take place. It has also saved significant project management and PMO time by automating project management functions and producing high-quality reports.

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