Clear, whole-system thinking that's informed by data

We collate, validate and forensically analyse data from across your system to build a robust picture of demand, capacity and activity, ensuring your services are designed and delivered to meet the needs of your population in the most cost-efficient way.

Predictive analysis for better healthcare planning
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We identify inequalities and work with you to develop changes that mitigate or prevent them. We analyse a variety of metrics and tailor our output so that your system understands changes in demand over time.


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By reviewing demand and activity levels and the efficiency of service provision over time, we can help you allocate your resources to deliver the right services in the right setting, realising maximum benefit for your population and achieve best value for money.


We examine the entire patient journey to highlight how pathways have changed, identify unwarranted variation, as well as areas of unmet need or underperformance and will work with you to produce a plan for sustainable change based on reliable data.

Dashboard views
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View 1 - Resource usage over the ICS by household or other.


Our multi-disciplinary team is made up of seasoned experts in advanced analytics, clinical pathway reform, financial governance, contracting, and change delivery.  

We work with you to redesign your system data architecture, cleansing and capturing all data sources relevant to the whole-system challenges. This gives you a sustainable and reliable source of insights that inform system level decision-making and service improvement.


A robust and more accurate understanding of your performance, which allows you to both grip and understand demand and capacity, making the journey to Population Health Management clearer.

What it means for your teams
  • Data streams become joined-up in a way that encourages teams from across all system settings to collaborate on an ongoing basis, increasing awareness and enhancing whole-system thinking

  • Team members learn to use analytics software over the course of our engagement and develop greater understanding of the data, instilling confidence and leaving a sustainable and capable team in our place

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Civica’s cloud-based tools are already used in over 80% of NHS Acute Trusts, giving us straightforward access to existing data assets. Data can also be incorporated from any other structured costing tool.