Clear, whole-system thinking that's informed by data

We join together costing data from across your system to build a complete picture of demand, present and future, and ensure that your services are planned based on accurate activity data.

Predictive analysis means better healthcare planning

We analyse demographic need across healthcare settings in your system to understand changes in demand over time.

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By analysing costing data and reviewing the efficiency of service provision over time, we can focus your single budget in the right places.


We review the entire patient journey to highlight areas of unmet need, and provide you with a plan for sustainable change based on reliable data.

Dashboard views
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View 1 - Resource usage over the ICS by household or other.

Our expertise

We are experts in clinical pathway reform, financial governance and contracting, data analytics and change delivery.  

Our data

Is robust and accurate. We advise NHS England and NHS Improvement on the ongoing reform of their data collection processes.

What it means for your teams
  • Data streams become joined up, in a way that encourages teams to collaborate on an ongoing basis

  • Team members learn to use analytics software over the course of our engagement, and develop competence and confidence to keep using them long after we're gone


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Civica’s CostMaster cloud costing tools are already used in over 80% of NHS Acute Trusts, giving us straightforward access to existing data assets. Data can also be incorporated from any other structured costing tool.