CIP Recovery

George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust


  • The executive team at George Eliot Hospital was seeking to develop and successfully deliver their annual CIP programme, and create a trust-wide service improvement team to support each division in their CIP delivery and assurance.

  • Clarity was invited to review the existing CIP programme, and then develop a robust governance process to drive initiation, delivery and assurance. We were also invited to analyse the capability of the existing PMO and make recommendations to create a trust-wide service improvement team.

Clarity Approach

  • Over six months we completed the CIP review and, collaborating with the executive and divisional triumvirate teams, created and embedded a robust governance framework. This incorporated an end-to-end CIP delivery process, accurate reporting, and assurance for both internal and external stakeholders.

  • We completed the evaluation of the existing PMO and made recommendations for future development of the service improvement team. We proposed the organisational structure, roles and responsibilities, and a portfolio management technology platform to drive delivery assurance, not only of the CIP, but of all trust change initiatives. 


  • Executive support for the trust in reaching its CIP target of c. £7m.

  • The creation of two to three-year cross-divisional programmes in theatres, outpatients, workforce, procurement, pharmacy and patient flow.

  • An embedded CIP governance framework agreed with internal and external stakeholders.

  • Accurate weekly reporting to provide delivery assurance to all internal and external stakeholders.

  • Agreed recommendations on the future development of the trust service improvement team.

  • The procurement and implementation of the portfolio management technology platform.

  • A governance handbook and training workshop programme to allow the trust to continue to consistently create, develop and deliver sustainable CIP.


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Debbie Pook - Director of Operations

Clarity Services Involved

CIP Review, development & assurance

full pmo audit

PMO software implementation

Recruitment support